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Welcome to ZD Wrench

Welcome to ZDWrench. We are dedicated to providing directory servicesand manufacturing services for tools throughout the world, for any industry. If your passion or hobbies include automobile or bike maintenance, fishing, or you are a professional requiring tools for assembly and maintenance,in the medical industry, manufacturing or maintenance, we will provide information you can use to make good tool choices. We also will recommend custom tool manufacturersfor small lots and overseas manufacturers for large lots where stamping, molds or robotic assembly or welding is an option.

If you are looking for local vendors, manufacturers or wholesalers, wewill provide a directoryto help. In addition, we are looking for custom tools to add to our directory an manufacturing services.Our vendor of coice is Thinwrench.com. They can provide custom tool manufacturing services forlaser cutting, punching, stamping turning and water jet cutting as required.

Thinwrench.com manufactures tools according to individual requirements. Our goal is to exceedcustomer expectations forquality, price anddelivery by supplying a durable thin wrench that addresses your low clearance fastener challenges.

Whether your point of use is medical applications, semi-conductor tooling,automotive maintenance, bicycle,construction hardware or manufacturing, Thinwrench.com can provide a solution. Any service center or short term assembly tool kitscan benefit from our custom designs and long wearing materials. Bikeshops, auto shops and asssemblers make use of our thin wrenches.But if you are looking for torque wrenches, allen wrenches, impact wrenches or any of the other myriad type of wrenches, please visit some of the advertisers you see in our site.

Please feel free to send us your requests and ideas at [email protected]

Thank You for visiting ZDWrench!

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